An application of Bion’s theory of thinking and transformations in hallucinosis. An experience of supervision with Dr Donald Meltzer
A link to Ricky Emanuel's papper, published in the Journal of child Psychotherapy

Sixth Annual Lecture, The physicality of words: Some implications of Donald Meltzer’s writings on language, Lecturer Prof. Maria Rhode, Chair Jonathan Bradley; 5th of June 2013, 19.30 at The Tavistock Clinic
In this paper Maria Rhode provides illustrations of Meltzer's concepts of the “Theatre of the Mouth” and of the “Song and Dance” level of communication and discuss convergences within developmental research findings as well as some implications for

Welcome to Dr Meltzer’s Site

Welcome to the Donald Meltzer Psychoanalytic Atelier, a website created to promote the work of Donald Meltzer, and to serve as a forum in which that work might be developed.

In his paper “Towards an Atelier System” he writes “… we may conceive of it primarily as a place, much as a market is a market-place. Like Raphael’s “School of Athens”, one would like to think of a place where anyone with something to teach and anyone wanting to learn could have resort”. And later “Experienced people might wish to offer time as tutors or supervisors, give courses in areas that interests them, run seminars of various sorts, organize research or study groups.” This is what we aim for.

Even when this space is inspired by Donald Meltzer’s lifelong contributions to psychoanalysis, it is not a static site. We believe that the best way of remembering him would be by encouraging further developments into his way of thinking about the workings of the mind, intimate relationships and the practice of psychoanalysis, which he promoted in the Kleinian tradition. We hope you will find this site an open and lively space, with contributions from professionals from the UK and abroad, which will encourage the interchange of new ideas and opinions and foster dialogue and debate.

We thank the trustees of the Donald Meltzer Development Fund for making available the funds for the creation of this website.